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Every Teen Ready to LeadEvents for Grades 6 - 10



Wake County Public Libraries provides library members in grades 6-10 educational programs, engaging activities and volunteer opportunities that foster an appreciation of service, leadership and cultural literacy.


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Databases for High School Students
​How is using library databases different from searching the Internet?
The library's subscription databases contain information taken from published works, such as encyclopedia articles, academic journals and magazine/newspaper articles.
What are the advantages to using databases over general websites?
Information in databases
  • is published by professionals or experts in their field,
  • goes through an editorial process to check facts,
  • is easy to cite in a paper and usually provides the citation for you,
  • can help you focus your topic or suggest related subjects, and
  • is updated frequently, often daily, and displays the date of publication.

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Need Volunteer Hours? Check out the Opportunity Below

The East Regional Library offers weekly programs on Monday nights (7:00 - 8:00 pm) that promote literature, art, critical thinking, and culture.  These are always free and open to anyone in 6th - 10th grade.

We also offer a volunteer and leadership development program (called Teen Leadership Corps), through which teens have the opportunity to become leaders, contribute to the community, and earn volunteer service credit. 


Please let me know if you have any questions about the East Regional Library or our opportunities for teens.


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